What to Do When Your Kids Are Spoiled Rotten

Has your spouse spoiled your children or do you think that they are getting spoiled or are getting their way a little too often?  If you think your kids are spoiled, read this article for some helpful advice.

Signs of being spoiled:

  • Your kids don’t help with daily chores.
  • They scream and yell when you tell them you won’t buy them something in the store.
  • They interrupt you when you’re speaking to others.
  • They no longer say “please” or “thank you.”

If you’ve got a spoiled brat on your hand, try very hard not to lose your temper.  If you think you’re going to fly off the handle, step away from the situation for a couple of minutes, take a deep breath, and then re-engage.

It’s incredibly important to instill discipline at an early age.  Follow these steps to set the stage:

  • Don’t say yes to every deman your child makes.
  • Stay structured.  Get into a routine with your little one, keeping him or her busy until bed time.  Ignoring your children is the worse thing you can do, but giving them everything they ask for is just as bad.  Maybe worse!
  • Constantly communicate with them.  Children get frustrated.  Tell them what to do, monitor them, give them feedback (good or bad), encourage them to do better.  Being a good parent takes an incredible amount of energy.  You’ve got to do it.
  • Act like the adult.  If you’re immature with your children, they will return the favor.  Be the grownup, guide them, lead them.  Share your experiences, and when you can’t give them everything they want, explain why.
  • Do the right thing and set a good example.  Children will emulate their parents (good and bad.)

If your kids are teenagers, be sure to get them a job.  Any job!  They will learn to appreciate the value of money and learn how to manage it at a young age.  What your children learn in entry level jobs will give them a great foundation for their future employment,even if they’re going to college.